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"Anna Maria’s Guide to Resurrection" by Sara Seyfarth
Illustration by Meghan irwin

Anna Maria cradled the empty soup can between her palms and knelt at the base of the crooked oak behind the trailer she now shared only with her father. The tree was dead, like her mother. The can was the last piece to fix that, though. Well, that and the wait.

Seven years was a long time, but that was all right. Anna Maria had thought it through. When the girls on the playground had explained all the steps—and there were a lot of steps—this last one had made her pause. She would be nearly seventeen when it was finished.

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Today’s wall. 
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Eye Dish // $19
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(by Thyme Tomas)

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“When one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself”
Jacques-Yves Cousteau.
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Planetary Plates Tutorial from Etsy here. You use waterslide decals which were also used on the insect plates below. In the step-by-step tutorial the 2 artists tell you where and what kind of decal paper to use, where to get the free images etc…  
This waterslide decal plate is from Honestly WTF here.

These plates are made by decoupaging images to plates. Excellent tutorial from the Crafty Nest here.
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Francis Bacon, Lisa (1957), oil on canvas, 49.5 x 59.7 cm. Collection of Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich, UK. 
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Dedicating this to my favorite little dog who is no longer with me, but surely missed. #nationaldogday
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Every time I think I’m done with the sprouse bros they pull me back in

One is never done with the Sprouse boys


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look how cute my bird is 


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Canvas  by  andbamnan